radio belarus


64', color, hd, 2O14


i know everyone of you can't stop thinking about this : what the hell is going on in belarus ?

well, let's say the CPM FILM FEST in minsk was a very good opportunity to answer your inquiring.

so please welcome to baranovitchi (a couple of hours by train, southwestern from minsk) for one evening and take a look at belarus punk scene with street punk MISTER X, NOIZY BOYS and fast punk hardcore I KNOW. Then get back to minsk, drifting around and finally see the surfin' SILICON, the rockin' SISTER RAY and last but not least, post punk from SLOWNER.




live recording :

rot in sun

black squares
white screens

radio belarus

poland in summer

paris in spring



music to watch :

a comfortable mistake

jet black crayon

colt python














christophe beaucourt