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Minsk has become a disfigured and anonymous city. Despite a history of almost 1000 years, there is nothing left. Founded during the Xllth century, no trace has survived the WWll, " the great patriotic war ", when the city was destroyed at 90%. Ruins were erased after the war and the city completely rebuilt in typical stalinist architectural style whose main characteristic is a global uniformity of massive concrete buildings split by long and wide straight avenues.

This bedroom community of more than 2 million inhabitants has no human face : no shops except few vending kiosks mostly near bus stops and inside the subway, a world of supermarkets spread here and there between the huge housing bars. Only numerous parks desperately try to give a semblance of life. Market economy hasn't settled and billboards are rare, accentuating the dull side.

A fascinating monotony is the only feeling that comes from Minsk, one of the saddest capital city in the world.


MONOTONY from christophe beaucourt on Vimeo.


broadcast on souvenir from earth channel
2O15 : cinema perpetuum mobile festival (minsk)






















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